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10/7/2013  |  edward s. (ON)
exceptional customer service
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9/9/2013  |  Ilana R. (ON)
We had an excellent sales rep who was kind and sincere, not pushy. He did everything possible for us, and was always readily available when we had a question. Danny is definitely excellent! Thank you as well to the man who installed our system. There were a few hardships and obstacles encountered during the process, but he figured it all out and he showed he really cared about doing the job right, not just with the intent to finish. Thank you!
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8/30/2013  |  Arulgowry R. (ON)
we are happy for good good water.
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8/8/2013  |  Maria D. (ON)
I am extremely pleased with this product, my drinking water is now delicious, my showers and baths are luxurious as my skin has never felt so soft.I am definately recommending this to all my friends and family. Your product is amazing :)
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7/28/2013  |  Briton C. (ON)
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5/8/2013  |  Raymond F. (ON)
We bought the clean station portable air filtration system and we liked it so much we bought a second one for a relative!!! Great product!!!
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4/11/2013  |  Mark a. (ON)
My husband and I look at this change to the Rainsoft system as an investment for our family and the future. The benefits were endless and it didn't make sense not to purchase the system; we ended up getting the air filter system too!

Both the representatives from your company were professional, informative and were able to provide answers and advise. I'm extremely glad to have met Tom (who came to install the whole system). It was lovely to connect and speak with him.
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4/6/2013  |  Camille B. (ON)
Using the Lifetime Water is a blessing. My skin feels soft and not rough. I am able to drink water from the tap without any fear. Thank you Lifetime!
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2/19/2013  |  ANTONELLA C. (ON)
I truly am BEYOND THRILLED with this purchase! The benefits are truly endless, and too many to note! Not only is the water system an amazing purchase, but Lifetime Water Systems as a company has got to be the most professional, outstanding company i have ever had the pleasure to deal with! The customer service is second to none! From the moment i placed the call i have been so impressed with the courteous, professional and outstanding customer service i have ever received!!! The company followed up with me the day after the system was installed to ensure i was completely satisfied. The technician who installed the system was beyond professional and courteous..absolutely no debris was left behind!! The job was done is an hour and a half!!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!! I ONLY WISH I DID THIS SOONER!
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1/10/2013  |  Surjit S. (ON)
The experiments shown were very interesting, and I would surely recommend these products to relatives and friends.
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