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5/2/2013  |  Theresa P. (OH)
I noticed the difference right away. I am very satisfied with the decision we made about installing a RainSoft system.
Since we installed the system, my overall health has improved.
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5/1/2013  |  Stacy S. (OH)
Cann't believe the difference it has made in the house. The bathroom tub is cleaner no soap scum and the laundry is whiter.We have noticed a difference in the drinking water when we go to others houses, dont like theirs.

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2/17/2013  |  Caroline R. (OH)
From the beginning to the end, everyone was great.
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2/14/2013  |  Robin A. (OH)
The rain soft system has made such a difference in our lives. Food taste better, coffee taste has improve tremendously. When it comes to hair care, oh my goodness, softer, fuller hair styles.
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1/28/2013  |  Jeff L. (OH)
Mark is an amazing associate.
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