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1/25/2015  |  Denise N. (NY)
We have had the RainSoft water system for over a decade and are very satisfied with the results.
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1/22/2015  |  Nancy W. (NY)
I'm sorry I didn't install the system much sooner!
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1/22/2015  |  Irene M. (NY)
My husband and I were not sure if this was the best way to go for a water softener and we are thrilled that my husband was convinced to add this convenience to our home. We love the fact that the water is purer than anything we have been drinking, Thank you for making this happen.
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1/5/2015  |  Amy S. (NY)
The men that came to install our system were the best. We were having overnight guests that weekend and they worked hard to complete the job on that Friday. I couldn't have asked for a better group of guys!!! They were courteous and cleaned up after themselves. I would recommend any one of them to a neighbor.
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12/17/2014  |  Terri S. (NY)
Roger was the representative that came to my house and he was absolutely wonderful. He explained everything so well that me and my 86 year old mother understood the water quality and the rain soft system. He was very professional and likeable.
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11/13/2014  |  Francisco g. (NY)
Al, our salesman was very friendly and professional. He had tremendous passion for his work and enjoyed explaining and demonstrating. We enjoyed his enthusiasm.
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11/10/2014  |  Tonya D. (NY)
Our entire experience has been exceptional. Our sales rep and our installer were so kind and just wonderful with our children. Brian continued to be helpful when we had trouble changing the self cleaning time. We couldn't be happier with the water and we continue to recommend rain soft to everyone we know.
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11/3/2014  |  James K. (NY)
The unit was put together with a plastic union which split apart about a month after installation. Called emergency as water was spraying all over the cellar. He showed up in 2 hours as he had to come from Syracuse area. He put a brass union in and that fixed the problem.
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11/1/2014  |  Nathaniel C. (NY)
The company that sold us the Rain Soft system (Anderson Water Systems, Inc) was FAR better than the company (Beacon Water Treatment) that had installed the previous system we had installed in our house. The Rain Soft system actually fixes our water problems unlike the other system and it makes the water in our house able to be used and safe for us to drink without worry.
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10/25/2014  |  Judy (NY)
They came back the day after we called to adjust the system. Working great so far. Very pleased to know our water is safe!
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