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4/19/2013  |  Cathy L. (GA)
Excellent product....excellent representatives!
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3/18/2013  |  Kurt a. (GA)
Renz Testamonial

Testimonial: RainSoft Water Treatment System by World Class Water - 2013

We first learned about the Rain Soft Water Treatment System from a visit to our home by Jason Brand of World Class Water, whom we had invited to come and test the city water being supplied to our newly purchased home.
He demonstrated for us the properties of our home’s city water, which was cloudy, tasted bad, and caused our skin to itch and dry out. That’s why we placed lotions in every bathroom and sink around our home, and is also why we have only used bottled water for drinking, making coffee, etc. daily. During this in-depth comparison between our tap water and the same water after being filtered through the Rain Soft system, my wife and I saw such a tremendous value in this system, we decided then and there that we wanted – no, we needed – this water treatment system throughout our home. The sooner, the better.
The installation was done expertly and professionally, and in just a few hours. The system is extremely economical and very easy to maintain. We’re a family “on the go”, so, that’s good for us, too.
The water tastes wonderful, and feels wonderful on our hands, bodies, and hair! No more itching skin, and the girls’ hair after a shower is so much more manageable and much less tangled. I can’t tell you what a blessing that is! We no longer need bottled water. We no longer need all the cleaning solvents, lotions, etc. around the house. There’s no longer any calcified build-up around sinks and faucets; bathrooms, windows, mirrors, and counters are much easier to keep clean, primarily with just water - no streaks or build-up anywhere. We just love our new water system! We both feel confident and satisfied that we have made a wise investment in our family’s health and welfare, and that this decision will end up saving our family quite a sum of money over the long-term. We would most certainly characterize this decision as a WIN-WIN for everyone in our family, and would unconditionally recommend the Rain Soft water treatment system to anyone who is looking for water the way it is supposed to be. Thank you World Class Water!!!
Kurt & Cathy Renz

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2/25/2013  |  Jerry W. (GA)
We absolutely love our Rainsoft water filtration system! Our daughter has severe eczema and it seems to have relieved her itching and her skin is clearing up. We have washed our clothes without detergent for the last couple of days in order to remove all of the residual detergent left from our unfiltered water. Even without using softener our clothes feel soft and look cleaner than before we had the system installed. Another thing we have noticed is our skin and hair is softer. Even our teenage daughter who is never impressed with anything is impressed with the way her hair and skin feels after showering. We all feel this was a very good investment for our family's health as well as not having to buy as many cleaning and personal hygiene products because with the filtered water all these products go farther.
The people we dealt with personally were Jason, Jeff, Ken, and Donna all of who were professional and helpful from start to finish. Thank you again guys for taking care of us and showing us the difference.
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2/20/2013  |  James (GA)
We really enjoy our clean water the Rainsoft system provides our family.
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2/5/2013  |  Jackie T. (GA)
I have already referred my sister in law.
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1/12/2013  |  Ronald S. (GA)
Excellent System, we feel the quality of our water is vastly improved.
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1/7/2013  |  Kenneth H. (GA)
This review is an unsolicited review. Recently my wife spilled a deep red liquid on our carpent in the den. We immediately obtained a spray bottle of our filtered water and every bit of the red liquid was removed from our Carpet, this was just as our Representative told us that it would.

Extremely satisifed customer.

Kenneth Henck and Vickie George
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1/4/2013  |  Robert C. (GA)
It was a great experience all around. We felt like we made a great decision and with was a no pressure situation.
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1/3/2013  |  Jinny T. (GA)
The Rainsoft Technician, Justin Roberts, was very knowledgeable about the product and was easily able to detect the issue. He provided the information and allowed me to make the decision without pressure as to the TC Upgrade. He was very friendly and represented the company well.

I will say in the past that only one other technician, Larry Jasper, had on a uniform and identified himself upon entering our home---I appreciated that then and appreciated Justin when he did the same this morning.

Thank you---Jinny Tidwell
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12/15/2012  |  S S. (FL)
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