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4/17/2016  |  Troy S. (NC)
Love it
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2/25/2016  |  Ruth D. (NC)
Thank you for your excellent product & service.
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7/16/2015  |  Kenneth S. (NC)
Moore Water and Air, Inc. worked with us on upgrading our system to our satisfaction. We would highly recommend them.

Thanks Tommy, Nate and Maxx!
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5/1/2015  |  Wendy M. (NC)
We now get compliments on how our water tastes, I don't spend as much money buying lotion for my hands which is a nice bonus. Overall very satisfied.
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8/28/2014  |  Allen Z. (NC)
Moore Water and Air was very helpful in trying to resolve the issues we were having with our well after the installation.Tommy went out of his way to make sure that our equipment was working properly and that we were satisfied.Thanks a bunch, love our RainSoft system!
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3/18/2014  |  Robert S. (NC)
Doing business with these guys was a pleasure. Bottom line, the system works, it's easy and I am very happy with my investment. At first it sounds expensive until you understand the real investment and understand that an investment for your family and housing is worth it. My biggest need was the shower. I have an issue with dry skin which was amplified by the hard water. The soft water has done wonders for me and it's a simple fix but impressive. Now to the customer service review. Tommy is very personable. He will remember you years after and keeps the service after the sale. His word is solid and he is helping me take care of the logistics for my move and converting me to a city water setup. My wife and I appreciate his level of caring and his general professionalism. Zero regrets.
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1/31/2014  |  JEROME (NC)
Thank you for the soft water.
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9/30/2013  |  Kim L. (NC)
I cannot say enough good things about the people who run this company, especially the owner. He has come out to our home himself and fixed things very quickly. He goes above and beyond and you can tell he truly enjoys what he does and loves taking care of his customers; he always has a smile and friendly word but it's the service that matters most to me and he has done an outstanding job. Thank you!
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6/30/2013  |  Andrea R. (NC)
We found out about RainSoft through a friend who suggested that we have the water test done in our home. After requesting the water test from their website, I was contacted within 36 hours about setting up an appt. A few days later, Kory showed up and was very helpful, friendly, and professional during the testing process. Our system was installed 2 days later. Although we had to place the system in our front yard, it is not an eye-sore due to the team at Moore working diligently to get us a large rock to cover the system.

Overall, we love our water! We have had it for about 2 weeks now and have noticed a huge difference in our skin, hair, and dishes. There are no water spots on glasses, our clothes feel softer, and we are not afraid to drink the water from the tap anymore. I highly recommend the RainSoft system to anyone and everyone.
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5/28/2013  |  Chris B. (NC)
Dear Rainsoft,
I have had my system for 4 days now. I have already begun to see the benefits in this investment from day one! Actually the night Kory Wright came over to test our water I have seen the difference in what the system can do. I think this is one of the best investments we have endured since purchasing this home five years ago. My father, a native of another state came to visitand I recommended Rainsoft to him as well. He noticed the difference in the water not only by drinking but when he showered as well. I really feel that this is a no contest system that will pay great health benefits to my family for years to come. Thanks, Mr. Wright for introducing us to the Rainsoft system!
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