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10/21/2017  |  Margie S. (NC)
I can't say enough about how great it was to work with the whole team.
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4/4/2017  |  Melissa I. (NC)
Great product. I have three small children and knowing they can drink from the faucet and not have to worry what is coming out of it makes me happy and relieved!
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12/23/2016  |  Reggie P. (NC)
To anyone and everyone who will listen or read. Over a period less than a month I have noticed enough improvements in my life to finally sit down and share them with you all. I have the whole house system. It was installed by some of the best knowledgeable people about the product you can find. I thought they at first were just plumbers that were contracted to do the installs, but they turned out to be the best representative of the system. And they gave me the best advice about my home's existing water paths, which helped me make sound decisions about other existing problems in my home. So glad about that. I noticed a tremendous difference in our kitchen. Washing dishes is actually a fun thing to do, now that we have the best known and safest solvent of all time. I can't believe how many products I no longer need to clean and or operate on a daily basis. We no longer need bottled water, which had become a bimonthly trip to Sam's Club. Glass cleaners, out! Stainless steel cleaners for the appliances and pots and pans, out! The blue liquid softeners, out! Lysol wipes, outta here!. Toilet bowl cleaners, done! Bathtub and tile cleaners, eliminated! Body soaps and special skin moisturizers, bye-bye! Eye glass cleaners and moist towelettes, poof! Distilled water for sinus cleaning, and steam mops, irons and aromatheraphy machines. If I had a way to prove it, I'd swear that my health is better because of this water. I fill several glasses of water bottles and take them along with me. The taste is so good that I don't have to keep it cold either. Washing out my mouth with this water is better than using the mouthwashes we've used all our lives. I haven't thrown them away yet, but I don't think we will be buying them as often, so I can see a savings in that as well.
One of the things I did in conjunction to having this system installed was to have my hot water heater replaced. I was very lucky. My hot water heater was 28 years old. I hadn't had a problem with it until I tried to manually flush it. The subject came up during the installation. It was brought to my attention that the sediments that have accumulated over the years may affect the hot filtered water, because the filtered water will begin to break down the hard sediments in the old tank and therefore some of those particles may end up in the water. I was told that I should flush the water heater several times with a hose to eventually remove those sediments. Well, that to me would be a good thing to do if my water heater was ten or so years old, but mine had exceeded twice that age and I felt it was time for it to go. What also helped me make this sound decision was the fact that the pressure relief valve was showing heavy signs of failure due to calcification at the valve. So, I had it removed and replaced it with a new Whirlpool 50 Gallon capacity, IRIS compatible unit. I am so happy that that potential bomb was taken out of the equation. It allowed us to fully enjoy the Rain Soft product without the side effects of lingering hard water deposits and the danger of a calcified relief valve. I am one happy customer. Although there are many more things that have me sold on this product, a book is not what I intended to write on it. Besides, I had to cut it short so you guys would actually read it. The only regret I have it that I wish I had discovered it much earlier in my life. It saddens me to think about the amount of money I have flushed down the drain. All I can do is move forward and enjoy the blessings of Rain Soft!

A few days ago, I threw a load of clothes in the dryer. In less than 10 minutes I heard the dryer stop, so I went to see why. My sneaker had caused the door to open thus causing it to stop without the audible buzz. Normally I would just throw the sneaker back in and continue the drying cycle. But this time I felt how dry the sneaker was, and I felt the other clothes. They were dry and sooo soft. Which leads me to the reason I'm telling you more about this great discovery. All my clothes and towels feel like soft, new clothes. And most of all, I noticed that the lint trap in the dryer no longer has anywhere near the amount of lint that it use to gather prior to December 2nd when the water purification system was installed. My clothes are no longer being bombarded with the harshness of the chemicals and stone like hardness of unfiltered water. The washing machine is performing better by over 90%, and the dryer, well I'm going to have to adjust the times and setting so I don't over dry clothes that no longer need excessive tumbling and drying periods. It's amazing how something as simple as water filtering and purification , has made such a noticeable improvement in my life. Thanks for listing. I hope you know that I would not bother to tell you these detail if they were not true. I think the most difficult thing for me to accomplish with this seemingly new revelation is to make the appropriate necessary changes in the use of water to actually keep from wasting water, electricity and that I no longer need devices and chemicals and strong soaps. As for cooking such as having to change the amount of seasonings such as sugar and salt. Yes everything taste better as well. Yes, I hear myself. Oh, and if you think all of that is great. Know this. The entire system is yours for life. Even if you move, you just call Rain Soft and they will remove your system and reinstall it at your new location before you get there,at no additional cost to you.??
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11/27/2016  |  Ashley H. (NC)
It was a great decision, I'm very happy with it.
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10/3/2016  |  L. W. (NC)
We are very pleased with RainSoft. We have been RainSoft customers for over 23 years. We upgraded our system and are very pleased with our service. Our representative did everything he said he would do. We actually had to call on a Sunday and all arrangements were made that day and the new installation was completed by Tuesday. Our water is great and we could not have asked for better customer service. Go RainSoft!
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8/23/2016  |  Warre a. (NC)
Both the sales rep and installer were priceless professionals! When we started our water testing with Home Depot we did not know we would be hearing from a Rain Soft Distributor. We used Rain Soft products in Pennsylvania decades ago and were very impressed with the quality of water from that equipment. Using the new 21st Century version is just as wonderful! Thank you Rain Soft!
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7/29/2016  |  Rasul (NC)
I wish that every American family has one.
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7/8/2016  |  Jessica G. (NC)
My husband and I have been wanting a water filtration system for quite sometime. We love our system and highly recommend one!
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7/5/2016  |  John C. (NC)
Quality of well water is problematic. Despite this, Moore Water & Air has (mostly successfully) handled this challenge.
Periodic problems still arise. Dealer is still working with me to address them when they do.
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6/22/2016  |  Bertha G. (NC)
I love my Rainsoft conditioner and I am so happy that the salesman and installer were so courteous and professional.
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