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11/8/2020  |  Hector Z. (TX)
Our representative Anthony was very knowledgeable. Gave lots of detailed information. He was friendly and professional.

Our istaller was very organized Very detailed And friendly. Did a fantastic
Of installing the system.
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10/18/2020  |  BRITTANY m. (TX)
Everything was perfect
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10/13/2020  |  Ralph &. (TX)
After having water like we had before for so long we didn’t realize something like this ever that we have experienced having soft , pure water like this ... we will except nothing less...taking a bath or shower now is simply want to stay in the water for hours....smooth clean drinking water and cooking ??.....need I say more!!!!! We love this system!!!!! Thank you Rain Soft..... this is awesome!
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9/8/2020  |  Sue K. (TX)
This is my second upgrade since I purchased the equipment over thirty years ago. I don't have gunk around my faucets, use less soap and shampoo, and love the soft water!!!
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3/7/2020  |  Bill F. (TX)
We really enjoy our water. I am spoiled now. I notice the difference when we are away from home.
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11/11/2019  |  Sarah (TX)
Throughout the process everyone was courteous and very knowledgeable about the products. Very satisfied with the professionalism on all parties.
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9/15/2019  |  Ryan H. (TX)
Overall I was very satisfied. I thought the presentation went a little too long.

Also, I was told the installation had to being the next day. I felt a little rushed, and I felt some unease about not knowing where the equipment could go and what modifications would be made to my home and whether or not it would be compliant with my HOA. I would have preferred getting approval from HOA before the project began. However, the installer did a good job of making any outside piping discrete and unnoticeable.
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9/11/2019  |  Patti M. (TX)
Both the representative and the installer were excellent
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9/8/2019  |  Brian S. (TX)
The whole process from start to finish was great! Enjoying our clean water now!!
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8/24/2019  |  SHONTEL P. (TX)
The installer was very knowledgeable. He offered several options where we could install the rainsoft system in our garage and once we determined what location we wanted he went the extra mile to figure our where our water line was because the builder had it in an odd place. He worked nonstop until he found the location and did a great job of installing everything. If you have other installers like him you will be in business forever.

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