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8/27/2012  |  Delia D. (FL)
We would like to acknowledge the level of professionalism, courtesy and knowledge of Victor Muvdi, who was the one who introduced us the rainsoft system. The service of the technician that installed the water system is also excellent, he was certainly the one further promoting your products and later convincing us to get a second air system.
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8/25/2012  |  Ian J. (FL)
Lady who came to complete paperwork and explain system was incredible. Super professional, extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy.
She should get some kind of special recognition.
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8/22/2012  |  Migdalia H. (FL)
We are very happy with the RainSoft system. I suffer from very dry skin due to my hypothyroidism condition and I have seen a real difference in the moisture levels of my skin. I still use moisturizers, but before it seemed that I was constantly applying them. Now I just to apply them once or twice day, more because I love the feel and smell of the lotion, rather than because my skin is dry. In addition to that, I was constantly suffering from hang nails. My cuticles are normal now. No more hangnails!

When I wash clothes and take them out of the dryer, they come out soft and less wrinkled, even though I don't use softeners.

It seems that I have to clean the shower stall and the bathroom less often because we're not getting that soapy film that used to form so quickly before. Plus, your skin feels very soft and moisturized when you get out of the shower.

The drinking water tastes delicious and the coffee and the beverages prepared with the water taste so much better.

The cleaning products are excellent. They are concentrated and a little goes a long way. You really don't have to use conditioner with the shampoo. It leaves my hair clean and I don't have to use any other products.

I can't say enough good things about this product. I will recommend it to all my freinds.
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