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3/13/2020  |  Polly G. (FL)
We had a great experience with the entire process. The sales representative was very informative and helpful. The installers did a great job on a pretty hot day.

I am a local Realtor and I will recommend your company and your product.
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1/24/2020  |  Jackie H. (FL)
I had been dealing with another water company in North Port for 7 years, since purchasing a winter home in North Port. They had been out multiple times over the years, and could never eliminate the horrible smell in my water. I was disgusted, and thought it was something I just had to live with. Brian was a fairly new neighbor who lived across the street, and one day he walked over and asked me about my water filtration system. Long story short, he told me what was needed to eliminate the horrible stench, and quoted me a price that was minuscule compared to what the other company wanted to charge me for a whole new system. By installing an aerator into my existing system, he eliminated the stench completely. I have never been able to use tap water for cooking before, been able to brush my teeth with tap water instead of bottled water, and have never had a shower without slimy water. I am beyond ecstatic. I highly recommend Rain Soft. If you have been dealing with another company in North Port and getting no results, give Rain Soft a call. I can't believe I dealt with this issue for 7 years, when one visit was all it took from Brian to fix the problem. I'm so glad he's my neighbor.
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8/20/2019  |  Angelica J. (FL)
Rick was AWESOME, I will recommend your product to all my friends.
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6/16/2019  |  cynthia b. (FL)
It was a very pleasant experience. We are singing your praises.
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4/12/2019  |  Nancy M. (FL)
We are thrilled to have this and it’s hooked up to our refrigerator so water and ice are now pure!!!!
Gives us great piece of mind - thanks !
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3/31/2019  |  Valerie F. (CA)
I am very happy with product. The salesperson and installer was very knowledgeable and helpful. Went beyond the call of duty to make sure every aspect of the installation went well. I would recommend him and Rain Soft to anyone!
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3/3/2019  |  William H. (FL)
I have had Rains Soft Equipment for Many Years, this survey was prompted by a Recent Upgrade that was needed. The Equipment had however lasted many years with only the routine annual maintenance. I rate the equipment Excellent.
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11/30/2018  |  Jennifer J. (FL)
Everything was wonderful, the rainsoft gentlemen were very patient, knowledgeable, and helpful.
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10/26/2018  |  Jon L. (FL)
The installer was a genius. He had just the right solution to our situation which I thought was going to make a terrible mess of the kitchen cabinets. We love the water upgrade and particularly not using a squeegee after a shower.
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10/18/2018  |  Elizabeth P. (FL)
Everything went well. Liked the salesman and the installers
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