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2/8/2014  |  Jamie L. (MD)
Since having RainSoft Installed, my husband and I have noticed a considerable difference in the quality of our drinking water, clothing, and skin. Were no longer wasting money on bottled water, our clothes seem cleaner and the quality and color of the fabric stays intact, and our skin feels less dry and tight. I used to have really bad dandruff, and after a few months I no longer needed to buy harsh shampoos for dandruff control. The best part is when our friends come over, they cant get enough of our water...and cant believe it comes right out of the faucet!!
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7/29/2013  |  Marlene M. (MD)
I really like my new water system. My skin feels soft and clean the water taste amazing. My 80 year old mother in law lives with us and she even said when she takes a shower she can feel the difference in the water it flows better. the hot water is hotter and the cold water is really cold.
It's just amazing. I love this system. :)
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7/17/2013  |  Tess M. (MD)
Something that I wanted in my last house, am so glad to have been able to install in this (our) new home! thanks. Tess
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5/28/2013  |  Brenda L. (VA)
My overall experience with RainSoft is very positive. I like the effects of the water when bathing and washing laundry.
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4/27/2013  |  Selena M. (MD)
The water is exceptional and the individual who demonstrated the rain soft technique was very intellectual and knowledgeable about the subject matter.
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4/20/2013  |  Lakeisha D. (MD)
We were extremely impressed by the overall service that we received from the water tester (Connie Ellis) to the system instillation men (Maurice & Chuck). Most importantly, we are pleased that our water is clean! Thank you!

I have noticed that there tends to be a slight odor to the water after a couple of days. I'll change the number of regeneration days to 2-3 to see if that makes a difference. Other than that, we are satisfied.

Connie, Maurice, and Chuck were great and we are pleased to recommend our friends to Rainsoft.
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10/10/2012  |  Karlene M. (MD)
At first I was skeptical when the water test was conducted and scheduled meetings fell through until the third attempt. I was glad when I waited and allowed the Rainsoft representative to make his presentation. It was more than my husband and I were expecting. The information was educational which allowed us to make the purchase.
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4/29/2012  |  Scott S. (MD)
Our rep, Bill, did a great job with real life experiences. He is a good salesman. I have worked in a sales and retail field for several years and like that he can relate our particular life to the benefits of Rain Soft. I hope that you train all your employees this way. Good ROI for your company.
The product really speaks for itself, but it helps to have a good rep to speak to it. Thank you,
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There has been a sufficent change in everything associated with the new installation. In our sinks, toilets, laundry and especially now being able to actually drink water from the faucets is a welcome change. We stand by and highly recommend your product.
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Since purchasing our RainSoft water filtration system, I have noticed significant changes in water purity and taste, dishwater remains sudsy, and my laundry is cleaner and brighter.
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