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9/25/2017  |  Kent M. (OH)
I feel that compared to other systems the price is higher but the quality and the lifetime guarantee makes up for the price
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7/25/2017  |  Pamela B. (OH)
We just loved Angel. We are very happy with our rainsoft softner, our skin feel so soft now...
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6/22/2017  |  Dorothy C. (OH)
We were very pleased with the way that all the employees conducted themselves. Very professional and informative about the products and services. We love the system for the water. I actually drink out of the faucet now. I am so glad I picked up that free water sample kit.You really should put more of those out !!!
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4/1/2017  |  Karen R. (OH)
The absolute best purchase for our new home which had very hard water. We didn't want the calcium deposits to leave stains on our new faucets and stainless still sink so we immediately decided on the need to have such a system. The sales person explained the benefits in detail and answered all of our questions. Installation was done the very next day and was completed in a professional manner with a lifetime warranty. I couldn't be happier with Rainsoft of Greater Columbus and would recommend my system to any person looking to improve their quality of life.
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2/24/2017  |  Cheryl S. (OH)
Angel Minton was very helpful while I was trying to make my first order with the GoHealthy360 products.
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11/16/2016  |  Tara S. (OH)
They did a wonderful job
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10/20/2016  |  John B. (OH)
Had one in our old house for 30!years and were very satisfied
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5/30/2016  |  Christopher T. (OH)
When we moved, the water hurt our hands and made my wife's scalp peal. It was awful, now using our water is an enjoyable experience.
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2/22/2016  |  Sam D. (KY)
Our salesperson was excellent. So far I am very satisfied, especially knowing we can actually and easily contact a human rather than a call center or website only, and get the information and service we need or may need. That is valuable in an age like what we live in. Your company is to be commended for this.
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