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3/12/2016  |  adrian m. (GA)
the installer was very polite and knowledgeable
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2/27/2016  |  Dave K. (GA)
Using rainsoft for the last couple months I 'm verysatisfied with the products the taste of the water is amazing and the feeling after you bath is quite amazing compared to my regular county water
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11/24/2015  |  Timothy S. (GA)
After using the system for I while, I think I can safely say it seems to be quite reliable and worry free.
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11/23/2015  |  Andrew F. (GA)
We are so very pleased with RainSoft and the results we have gotten, see daily and enjoy. We have begun many conversations with both family and friends about RainSoft and why they should immediately have a water test done to see what we saw, hear what we heard and make the positive changes we have made with this system.
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7/16/2015  |  Jerri/Barbara R. (GA)
My daughter (Jerri) and I recently had a Rain Soft system put in. We had three of the greatest people come out. Each one was a delight to deal with.
Leslie Nichols came out to test our water and tell us about the system. She GREAT!!! She knew exactly what she was talking about, and never once stopped to think about it. One of the nicest people I have ever had to deal with. We were very impressed. She is welcomed to come back to my house anytime. Now to the installer, Jeff Everett, he was absolutely wonderful. Again very, very nice. He knew exactly what he was doing. He explained everything he was doing step by step. We were again very impressed. Last but not least there was Justin Roberts who did the paper work and ordering for supplies. Again very, very nice. He explained everything to us. He answered all our different questions about the products, and when he left we knew exactly what we were getting. He also is welcome back to our house anytime.
I feel so lucky to have had the privilege to work with these three exceptional people. They are very good at what they do. I hope you are paying them top dollar.

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3/6/2015  |  Belinda S. (GA)
The employees from your company were more than Great!! Very Knowledgeable of the product and quite courteous.
We love our water!! Thank You!!!
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2/16/2015  |  Ronald P. (AL)
The system has performed better than I thought possible. The water quality exceeds my expectations.
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1/29/2015  |  Phalla K. (GA)
It is one of my most valuable investment I have ever made. I love my water now!
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10/1/2014  |  Clint B. (GA)
This system is great!. Water is hotter, dishes and clothes are cleaner, using less soap, water taste is much better. The staff at WCW is very knowledgeable, professional and customer focused. No regrets!
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8/19/2014  |  Lanny T. (GA)
Everything about the experience was very professional. We have water coming out of our tap that is actually better than most bottled waters!
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