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1/13/2016  |  Leticia L. (FL)
My family is very satisfied with all the products installed in my home.
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5/19/2015  |  Antonio S. (FL)
My family and I have been enjoying for six month the great benefits of having excellent quality water. Great taste, clean clothes, softer skin and hair. And the best part is that I am saving money while enjoying the benefits. This equipment worth every penny and it is by far the best investment that I have done in the last 5 years. Thanks to the RainSoft family.
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4/13/2015  |  lee m. (FL)
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2/17/2015  |  Rodderick M. (FL)
We had no idea what to expect from the test offer Home depot advertised. We were please with the test service that had been demonstrated by Tim. Overall were very excited to have the Rainsoft water in our home.
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1/26/2015  |  Adriana V. (FL)
I definitely taste the difference and feel the difference in my hair and clothes.
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11/19/2014  |  Marie L. (FL)
The person who came to install the equipment was super nice. He is very friendly and courteous. I felt very comfortable having him in my home. He is a keeper and an asset to the company.
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11/14/2014  |  Mrs. D. (FL)
We are very satisfied with the RainSoft system!
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9/7/2014  |  Jolie D. (FL)
Love love my RainSoft water system - my dishes are always clean, I save 80 % on all my soaps, detergents and most important my hair color doesn't fade or turn brassy anymore!!!!! I torture my hair with flat irons and bleach and I don't have to use expensive hair conditioners because of the RainSoft water system!!!! The best part is that the water and coffee taste ah-amazing !!!!!! Best
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8/19/2014  |  Tracy F. (FL)
The look and feel of my skin and hair has dramatically improved, I feel like I am at a spa every time I take a shower, the water tastes great and it cleans beautifully without the need of harsh chemicals. The cost savings for the preservation of our clothes and items cleaned throughout my home way surpass the cost of the unit and I feel that my family is living a much healthier life.
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5/20/2014  |  BEVERLY S. (FL)
I just wish this was introduced to us when we moved into our new house. The Rainsoft System is fabulous. The difference in the city water compared to Rainsoft is so remarkably better. As the representative was demonstrating the water in the test I could not beleive the city allows so many contaminents into the water that the general population drinks and cooks with every day and gets away with it. Our representative was extremely helpful in explaining the system and how it can save you alot of money and time. The entire personnel that we encountered with the Rainsoft System has gone out of their way to make this transition as easy as possible, always there to answer any questions. It was the best investment we have made for home improvements.
The cleaning is a breeze now, you just wipe away without all those harsh chemicals. The soap products are saving our family tons of money.
We love the way our hair shines and is tangle free and so very soft now. It feels like you haven't rinsed your face because the water already makes your skin so soft it feels like you still have soapy slippery suds on it. It has cut costs down considerably for any hand or skin lotions as you don't need them anymore. The laundry looks so much brighter and the whites are actually white again since using the new water system. And you don't use as much product so that saves alot too.

Overall we love this new and improved water system for our home.

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