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8/27/2013  |  Darrel &. (CA)
We purchased the Rain Soft water softner system in September 2012, and with it, the Healthy Living soaps. It was a major blessing to me and my family.

At the time, I had been battling Chronic Hives, brought on by strong antibiotics. I fought it for 3-1/2 yrs with constant itching and inflammation throughout my body. I saw several doctors and dermatologists, but they only gave me steroid creams & shots for temporary relief. One doctor offered me hope by saying, "chronic hives almost never lasts longer than 5 yrs." During that awful time, I noticed that I would itch after taking showers. I assumed it was due to being "sensitive" to chemicals, soap or shampoo, so I kept trying different brands, but to no avail. Then my sister-in-law came to stay with us for a week, and she noticed her face was red and irritated after using our shower. She was from WA state where their water was soft. We wondered if our California hard water was to blame, so we had it tested by two different companies, and both the results were OFF the charts. We had extremely hard water.

We purchased our Lifetime water softner through a very nice salesman, Robert Van Es. He shared how his son had eczema but it cleared up after 6 mos. of using this water softner system. Sure enough, after one week of showering with our new water softner, I noticed that I wasn't itching as much. Then I ordered the Free & Clear bar soap, and it was the perfect combination for my skin. That's when I noticed that my skin was really healing. I use to have a raised "crusty" patch of rash on my leg that would never go away, and within months it just melted away. I keep thanking God for the miracle of soft healthy skin. If I see anyone with a skin rash, I will be sure to share my story.

So I had to write and tell you also, and thank you for making a BIG difference in my life, and my families. Even my 20 yr. old daughter who recently returned from a one week vacation noticed the difference in her skin, she couldn't wait to get home to use our shower & soap.
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8/22/2013  |  Edwin/Gabriela B. (CA)
Our Representative Don Rayke was very knowlegdeable, Great! and the installer Adam very nice, polite and well skilled. You have a great team. Keep up the good work
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8/20/2013  |  Jeff J. (CA)
Thanks, My Family loves everthing about Rain Soft
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8/19/2013  |  Nannette R. (CA)
We are sooooh happy that we were approached at Home Depot. We were drinking our water from our refrigerator & even giving it to our furry kids, thinking it was good for us. It was even worse than what was coming out of our tap (which was not good). We use a great deal of ice too. We are so happy to have our new stystem. The bonus is we use less soap products & your sister company will supply that for quite sometime.
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8/17/2013  |  David C. (CA)
I am satisfied with the whole experience
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8/14/2013  |  Kelly D. (CA)
Very courteous and prompt.
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8/13/2013  |  Steve R. (CA)
Everyone has been awesome and professional from the female associate who approached us at HD, to the sales person, all the way through to the installer. We were pleasantly surprised by the whole experience.
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8/3/2013  |  Juan F. (CA)
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7/31/2013  |  Teresa G. (CA)
I was not ready to see what I saw when it came to the gross stuff in the water! Amazed how good the water is too!
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7/30/2013  |  gabriel h. (CA)
We love our rainsoft water treatment. We are so glad we made the decision to get it. The sale person and installers were very kind and friendly.
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