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4/29/2017  |  Bobbie S. (GA)
Justin is wonderful. Such a nice guy and very helpful. He explained the system to us and showed us how to use it. We had a difficult time with our RO system because of the hole in the sink where it was placed. Not because of Rainsoft just because of the way the hole was made from the manufacturer. Justin went above what was expected and made a special trip to home depot to get a washer that was bigger and would work better for our situation. Because of our great experience with Justin and the rest of the RainSoft team, we tell all of our friends about RainSoft. We love our system!
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4/20/2017  |  Tonya W. (GA)
We are so pleased with our system. The only problem we have is we didn't get the system earlier.
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4/13/2017  |  Angie C. (GA)
I am very happy with the system, it's excellent, drinking water, makes my hair soft and manageable, feels good, great free products. At first they utilized "used-car-sale-"-tactics which was so see through and unnecessary. I wasn't going to spend many thousands if I didn't really want it. Then the sales person really messed up making it sound different than what it was. I actually had to call Rain Soft tech support to figure out exactly what it was I was purchasing. But then regional service manager Justin stepped in and made everything right and I have full trust in him for the future of my needs. The installer guy was also great. So I will never talk to the sales department again, they did not impress me, but everything after that has been top notch, luxury service and product of best class. Thanks Rain Soft.
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3/10/2017  |  Don &. (GA)
The energy, knowledge and professionalism of our sales rep, was not mirrored in the other technicians that came to our home. Our sales guy was amazing.
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2/25/2017  |  Sheila K. (GA)
Both ladies that came to our house were wonderful and knowledgeable.
The husband and wife installer team were very professional.
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2/9/2017  |  Robert T. (GA)
all involved were on time, well prepared, courteous, and efficient. Thanks
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11/15/2016  |  Vickie W. (GA)
We recently purchased a home that already had the systems in place. Our technician came and serviced the systems and explained how and why they worked the way they did. He was very polite and informative and did his systems work and maintenance repairs very professionally.
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11/7/2016  |  BETTY R. (GA)
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9/17/2016  |  Willetta H. (GA)
Courteous, professional staff
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3/28/2016  |  James T. (GA)
our installer was excellent and extremely helpful
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