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10/26/2018  |  Debbie M. (AZ)
Very satisfied customer
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6/19/2018  |  Jennifer C. (AZ)
We sincerely appreciated Chris our sales person who was very kind, courteous and extremely knowledgeable about his product.
He eludes confidence and makes you feel very comfortable. This was a BIG purchase and he put us both at ease after learning about how bad our water originally was. Thank you to the installation staff as well, they were very nice and answered questions about the system once installed. Thank you!!
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6/15/2018  |  Bob P. (AZ)
Both the sales person and the installer were very knowledgeable and professional, answering all of the questions we had.
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6/1/2018  |  Kenneth A. (AZ)
Great customer service from Richard. He explained all details about the product, what to expect, what the product does and/or improves in your home in regard to water. Very knowledgeable and had great people skills.
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4/1/2018  |  Robert R. (AZ)
We were tremendously impressed with the sales representative and the installer. I was bound and determined that I would only listen and never purchase in allowing the appointment. But, the representative was so superior in a professional way, that I didn't have to be sold..... I convinced my self we should purchase.
The installer was equally professional. Very courteous. Did the work extremely efficiently, and made sure we understood the equipment.
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3/30/2018  |  Donna K. (AZ)
Very pleasant experience
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3/13/2018  |  David L. (AZ)
I believe the sales Rep was genuinely honest in his approach to selling the product. I found him personable and easy going.
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2/28/2018  |  Elizabeth R. (AZ)
Dan was amazing! He came to our home and did the testing and informed us about our water. He was very friendly and not pushy. I appreciated that because the pushier a sales rep the more likely I will just flat out say no. He was very informative and seemed genuine about his product. He was very passionate about Rain Soft and the quality and benefits of it. His time and knowledge showed me that we needed Rain Soft. Thank you so much Dan! Best decision in our water treatment.
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2/25/2018  |  Donna L. (AZ)
The warranty and system sold us. Installer was beyond excellent! Timely, courteous, professional, friendly and most of all knowledgeable. Explained everything and went over-and-beyond during installation. Installer restored our confidence in the system and equipment.
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2/6/2018  |  John R. (AZ)
We are pleased with our Rainsoft System at this point
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