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5/5/2017  |  Debbie B. (CA)
At first I was not sure that it was worth the price. But now several years later I love the water. Saved problems with my plumbing. My water comes from a underground spring and in the winter tends to be a little brown when it rains. I don't have to worry about that anymore. My neighbors cannot do laundry with their water when it rains.
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1/29/2017  |  Brett L. (CA)
good experience
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9/24/2016  |  Vincent I. (CA)
Rain Soft is a very good product.
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8/16/2016  |  Norwita P. (CA)
Great experience with the installer who assisted us in the proper placement of the system.
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7/23/2016  |  Jessica B. (CA)
Our sales rep was so fantastic! We had a lot of questions and he carefully answered all of them. He even came back to do an additional water check after the system was installed and offered to answer any quesitons - any time.

Works great and VERY satisfied with the customer service!

I like to leave constructive feedback, but you guys make it hard because everything is really well done!

Thank you for the opportunity to leave feedback!
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5/23/2016  |  Marilyn C. (CA)
For us, ALLEN is Rainsoft.
He is dependable, friendly, helpful -quick and professional.
He answers all our questions and his work is flawless.
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12/23/2014  |  Laurel F. (CA)
This was a very pleasant buying experience. Don was extremely patient with me and knowledgeable of the product. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The product is working flawlessly and I am so happy I purchased this system. Thank you.
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7/29/2014  |  Mary A. (CA)
local distributor Don was informative and engaging. Overall, the entire presentation took about (4)hrs. from start to finish..slightly lengthy,but i suppose necessary... I must say that if I was to do it again,I might only have signed up for fresh drinking water ;however,I also must admit its sure nice to drink,wash and shower in H2o luxury for my family and I. Also,my husband and I were alarmed to find out some sad facts about our local water company during Don's presentation. Thus,Were clearly happy to be on board with Rain soft!
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1/27/2014  |  Raymond W. (CA)
I'm glad that I have made this choice
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12/17/2013  |  Akin A. (CA)
Still not sure about drinking soft water- bathing is definitely better though.
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