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4/11/2019  |  Steven b. (FL)
I would give them 10 Stars but 5 is all they have and I'd like to thank Danielle Joel and Wayne Plus Eric who came out and installed my equipment their employees AR very respectable and considerate. Thank you guys for working with me I really appreciate your business.
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3/15/2019  |  Daniel B. (NY)
Our sales person was Anthony B. he was great explained everything, was very professional and very knowledgeable of the products. I would recommend him to anyone. We love Rain Soft we tell everyone how happy we are with it.
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2/15/2019  |  Carlos L. (FL)
Arturo Stohpmann demonstration were to the point and kept us engaged. There were never a dull moment. Arturo was great and has a great sense of humor. We are very happy with choosing rain soft. Big Thanks to Arturo.
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1/23/2019  |  Larry R. (FL)
My experience acquiring a Rainsoft Water Softener in Pompano Beach, Fl., went flawlessly and everything was handled very professionally.
"Joel," the owner along with his sales representative "Phil," gave an exceptional presentation; explaining how the equipment worked and why Rainsoft is the leader in the industry.
"Rod," the installer showed up on time and did an outstanding job installing the unit; answering endless questions that I ask him during the install. Get "Rod" to install yours. He does great work!
"Able," came to our home a few days later to check that everything was working satisfactorily and to make sure that we were happy with the unit. He was very helpful in telling us how the different cleaners worked and how to mix them. Able was very knowledgeable and polite!
Our first Rainsoft Water Softener was purchased over 46 years ago from a fellow Delta Pilot, Dick Jacobs. Dick was temporarily working for Joe Brow, Joel's father, who started the Rainsoft Business in Pompano Beach. This has been a Family Business for over half a century.
A Great Family!
A Great Business!
I highly recommend Rainsoft of Pompano Beach.
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1/20/2019  |  Patricia D. (FL)
My experience with the professionals from RainSoft has been extremely positive. Great people and great products. I actually enjoy doing laundry now with the Detergent-less Laundry System!
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1/16/2019  |  Naiara C. (FL)
The main reason we got the system was our health, getting rid of chemicals, chlorine, and also because we were going to receive RainSoft products like soap, shampoo, etc, which we thought were chemical free, too. However, the products we received are not chemicals free at all. The glass cleaner doesn't work, the shampoo has lots of chemicals that we prefer to avoid and it also didn't work on my hair. So, we think we will have to keep using some of our regular products. It would be nice to be satisfied with everything we were offered, but we are glad that we have a good water filter at home.
Dealer Response
I apologies, but we do carry free and clear products. Please contact our office so we can change out your soap products ASAP. Thank you for your feedback and we hope to be hearing from you shortly.
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1/6/2019  |  Ross G. (FL)
The installer was very courteous and professional. I can recommend not only the product but the install and service
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1/2/2019  |  Laya S. (FL)
Give a more accurate estimate of how long the water demonstration will take. I was told one hour and it was closer to 3.5 hours.
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11/24/2018  |  Natalia S. (FL)
great job
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10/21/2018  |  Maxine C. (FL)
wonderful product
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