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The technician and the installers were absolute professionals. Helpful and answered all our questions, no matter how foolish they might have been.

Nice guys!
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8/2/2011  |  Tara D. (TX)
Hugo was the technician who installed my Rain Soft equipment and I feel he went way beyond what he had to do to make my purchase worth while. He was also very knowledgeable on this system and helped me solve an additional plumbling problem I was having.

I am disappointed I only received a $20 Home Depot gift certificate when I was promised $40 if I allowed the sales representative to go to my house the same day they called (which she did). Also, I thought I remembered the sales rep saying I would get a $100 discount if I put the entire purchase on my Home Depot credit card but I was only $100 short (from the original platinum package price) and I did not want to increase my credit limit just for $100, which probably should have been discounted in the first place!

To leave on a positive note, I already am getting compliments on how soft my skin is and how silky my hair is and it's only been a couple of weeks since the installation of my Rain Soft equipment. The results are satisfying!
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I have never seen tv advertisement about rainsoft. I think if more people knew how much better their lives could be, they would call you.
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Say thanks to Gina and Bob the plumber
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Angelo, our representative, was very knowledgable and friendly. He was, and is, open to our questions and has shown considerable interest in our undrestanding of your product.
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rainsoft water is the best
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The improvement of our water is noticed in better taste, dishes are spot free and shower door is so easy to clean.
Thank you, Rain Soft.
Nancy Persyn
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We really like our system and the RO system under the sink. I've heard a lot about them, but now we have experienced it's quality first hand.
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