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1/21/2014  |  Noell t. (FL)
Very pleased, no complaints
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1/20/2014  |  Justin M. (FL)
Water quality is very important and we look forward to many years of healthy clean water.
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11/27/2013  |  George L. (FL)
The whole process was done quickly, smoothly and professionally we were very satisfied. We enjoy the water quality, the liquid soap products.
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11/13/2013  |  Lee C. (FL)
we are satisfied
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10/22/2013  |  Shirley H. (FL)
The whole experience was great.
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10/14/2013  |  Joy G. (OR)
I have enjoyed my experience with the rainsoft people and the soft, clean water I have very much. Everyone has been very friendly, honest and nice. I especially enjoyed the friendly man who installed my rainsoft. He was fast and efficient and made sure everything was working before he left. I wish all servicemen were that way. I also especially like the lack of rust and yellow in my bathroom, laundryroom and kitchen. My work has been cut in half in trying to keep things looking nice. I have no complaints at all with Rainsoft and wish everyone was so fortunate as to choose them for clean water. Thanks again Rainsoft for my clean, easy water system!
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9/25/2013  |  Ramon B. (FL)
The gentleman that installed the system was exceptionally good
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9/23/2013  |  Kevin W. (FL)
I really like the experience ,and the awareness of the quality that was brought to my attention. Thank you for the information about the water quality, and how I can correct the situation.
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9/15/2013  |  Terri D. (FL)
If we had not SEEN the difference in the water quality and TASTED the difference I don't think I would have believed it. Wish I had known about Rain Soft when we lived in Michigan. We used Culligan's and it STILL didn't do to the water what Rain Soft has done here. You should have a commercial with actual satisfied customers! I would be willing to "testify."
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9/10/2013  |  David M. (FL)
I am very satisfied with the quality of our water now. Being an engineer I did a lot of research before visiting the Rainsoft dealer. I knew the prices and thought I knew what I needed. I did not realize the capabilities of the EC4 system but am glad I listened to the distributor. It is everything I was looking for and now I realize I should have installed this 15 years ago.
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