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4/3/2016  |  James M. (NJ)
Love our water now no more chlorine odor!
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3/24/2016  |  Brian P. (DE)
The sales rep from RainSoft made a very beautiful presentation, and he was very polite, friendly and informative. We’re happy with the water system we purchased from RainSoft. Since having it installed, our water is a hundred percent better. There used to be odor and taste in our water and it's all cleared up now. The water from the RO system taste crisp and refreshing. Our skin feels great now after showering before the water dried our skin out. Our four dogs coats and skin are also much healthier and shiny. Love the Clean Start laundry system our clothes smell great and theres no need for soap unless heavily soiled. Also very happy to have the lifetime warrenty no need to worry about problems. The Natural Visions soaps they offer are great and save a ton of money. We are very pleased with every aspect of the company and would recommend to anyone looking to live a healthier life.
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2/24/2016  |  Michelle F. (MD)
So far we are pretty pleased with the water quality.
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2/24/2016  |  Rebecca P. (NJ)
Installers were very respectful of our home-- Very diligent workers and cleaned up everything after they were finished.
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2/23/2016  |  sarah a. (DE)
we are great with everything
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2/21/2016  |  Kevin C. (NJ)
We are very satisfied with the rain soft equipment, noticed a difference in our water quality within the first few days. The installation team was fantastic they were professional and answered all our questions and installed our equipment as if were made for our house, very neat and clean job.
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2/12/2016  |  Rebecca H. (DE)
You folks do an excellent job and truly have an outstanding product. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who will listen.
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1/12/2016  |  Jarrod F. (PA)
Best money I ever spent. You can buy piece of mind and drinking, bathing and cooking with clean water is a great step. We have not purchased bottled water since we installed this system. The air purifier seems to work well. I change the filter every 3 months and there is not dust or dirt on them. The filter is just discolored from the light emited from the system. Several technicians were involved in the installation and maintenance of this unit. Being from the trades myself I knew how to pump these guys for the real story on the product aside from what the salesman will tell you. I can say with all honesty the guys working for this company believe in the product and entrust it with their families as well.
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1/2/2016  |  Michael H. (NJ)
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12/23/2015  |  Barry C. (NJ)
Your people (the tester and installer) were so professional AND friendly, it really made the whole process very pleasant!
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