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11/5/2016  |  Robert F. (CA)
The installer took his time to install things because he was not required to get things done in a specified time period. I liked that he was committed to getting the installation done professionally and correctly because he was not feeling rushed. I asked him how many jobs he had to do and he said just the one. Thanks for not rushing the installer.
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11/5/2016  |  Maria R. (CA)
My Rainsoft water system is very reliable and it helps a ton. Being able to stop paying for bottled water is a big plus! I am very happy with my rainsoft product.
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11/3/2016  |  Kimberly W. (CA)
I had the BEST Experience with Greg, the CEO at Lifetime solutions and his technician was WONDERFUL. Well-deserved Five Star YELP Review. :) Very pleased!!! ZERO PPM now...575 before Rainsoft!! EXCELLENT SERVICE AND EXPERIENCE!!!
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10/27/2016  |  Michele a. (CA)
So happy we decided to try a water sample test , our skin, clothes, appliances just sparkle since purchasing Rainsoft!!
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10/27/2016  |  Veronica (CA)
I'm very excited about the products I had installed. So far, I'm loving it.
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10/8/2016  |  Judy (CA)
I just want to share that everyone with whom I have come in contact has been wonderful. I am so happy with our new system. Drinking glasses I was ready to throw away because of the film on them, have come out of our dishwasher sparkling. I can't wait to put all my glass items in the dishwasher. You have a wonderful product and most of all I like the taste of my tap water now and I have discontinued my bottled water delivery service.
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10/1/2016  |  G. M. (CA)
We have had our RainSoft Water Treatment System for about 2 months; and, we are extremely pleased! Kathryn, our sales representative was most helpful in demonstrating to us, with onsite water tests, the quality of our water with and without the treatment system. Impressive! We have since disposed of all our other water filters. With RainSoft we have noticed a marked improvement in the taste of our water, our skin texture (softer & less dry); and, a marked decline in mineral deposits, stainless steel stains, the amount of water used, the amount of cleaning agents -and the list goes one! We are so glad we have the RainSoft Water Syatem for our health, for all the other wonderful qualities it provides. No problems with installation - installers did a great job - very respectful and thoughtful - installing the tanks in the most convenient and practical area without having to rearrange the garage, provided information and answered all our questions! We have called RainSoft one time about use of different types of salt - pellets(did not think to ask at time of installation) - easily accessible, all questions answered, very helpful! Highly recommend RainSoft Water System! Thank you, RainSoft - Very pleased customers!!
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8/30/2016  |  rich d. (CA)
Jim was awesome and knowledgeable about the system
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8/27/2016  |  HECTOR C. (CA)
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8/24/2016  |  Marie C. (CA)
I very happy with the product and installation process.
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