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6/9/2014  |  Charles W. (FL)
I have been a very happy customer for years!
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3/31/2014  |  Glen C. (FL)
The sales person was knowledgeable and I appreciated his soft approach. He let the product sell itself.
The installer completed the installation fast with little disruption. He was actually earlier than scheduled reducing my "wait" time.
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2/18/2014  |  Hiram P. (FL)
Things were great with the installation and the testing and I would definetly refer your product to anyone.

Keep up the great service
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12/8/2013  |  James D. (FL)
The rainsoft demonstrations were very well done and presented...very convincing. It was an enjoyable adventure from beginning to end and now we are reaping the benefits of our rainsoft equipment.
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5/24/2013  |  Martha H. (FL)
We were very impressed with Michael's presentation.It was easy to understand,entertaining and convincing.Also liked Jeff the installer-prfessional and likable. It's evident that your company takes time to train your employees. Excellent !!!

Jim & Martha Healy
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3/9/2013  |  Heidi &. (FL)
Being from Switzerland, we are used to having quality water in our home for drinking, cooking, and all of our everyday needs. After buying a home in Punta Gorda, FL, we quickly learned that the water here did not meet our expectations. We contacted Rainsoft and they immediately arranged for a technician to come to our home and test our water. Mike arrived on time and after a short demonstration and series of tests, showed us the results and explained to us why it was important to treat certain things that were discovered in the testing. He recommended a complete water system including a Softener, Filtration unit, and a Reverse Osmosis System for our drinking water. We agreed with his recommendations and they came the next day to install our system. We immediately noticed the difference in our water, both throughout the home and in our drinking and cooking water. We are thrilled with our water quality now and would highly recommend Rainsoft to anyone who has any concerns about their water.

Heidi & Franz Leuppi
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2/1/2013  |  Mike B. (FL)
Installer was extremely courteous & professional. Installation was without problems and well done. here is a noticeable difference in how our water feels and, by test, how much purer it now is. We are very satisfied.

Mike B, in Venice, FL
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