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11/5/2014  |  Andrew R. (AL)
Love the new RainSoft system in my home and now realize that I could not live without it!

Thanks for the system! Works like a champ!
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11/3/2014  |  Shatika A. (AL)
Everything was perfect, I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation.
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10/6/2014  |  Joe B. (AL)
The presentation of the RainSoft product was professional and informative. This was the main deciding factor.
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6/24/2014  |  Madison G. (AL)
UPS misplaced part of my order and the Rain Soft rep. went above and beyond to help locate it a resolve the issue. That is what I call top tier customer service.
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6/24/2014  |  Rodger b. (AL)
Installer, rickey williams explained the proper use of the system and installed the system professionally. Friendly and competent. I never liked my previous system, i fell that it was a waste of my money. The selling point of this new one was the lifetime warranty and no manual controls to adjust. I have high expectations for this system and fully expect to have zero problems. If i do, though i am confident this dealer will do what is necessary to maintain the warranty. Thanks.
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6/24/2014  |  Lee F. (AL)
PureWater, Inc in Huntsville has quality customer service and a friendly/knowledgeable staff.
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5/21/2014  |  Dee C. (AL)
We are very happy with the system. I have very dry skin/hair and I love the way soft water makes my skin feel. We have family in south Alabama and I always hated leaving when visiting because of their soft water, now I have it at home.
I love the easy system that is hassle free!
The distributor was very professional and easy to work with as was the installation. Very quick get it installed.
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3/25/2014  |  Lee L. (AL)
We have been nothing but pleased with the product and overall experience.
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2/27/2014  |  Barbara B. (AL)
I really like the people I have been dealing with they are very helpful and was willing to help me with any problem I had.
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2/25/2014  |  Rodney P. (AL)
In my repeated dealings with Pure Water Inc of Huntsville - Operated by Randy Williams, I can say absolutely that they are fabulous to work with. Randy is a consummate professional. In an industry that has incredibly high turnover, Randy's personnel are always consistent and bring with them a positive attitude and seem to always go the extra mile to ensure their customers are happy and satisfied. The product - Rainsoft - is excellent for me and my household. My water taste better, my kids are healthier now as they drink more water and less of the soft drinks. Randy's personnel are polite, professional, they follow-up with you on anything they say they will. They answer all of your questions. The value of the product is excellent and I was able to determine this after I did a side by side comparison of two other local competitors. He was referred to me by one of my neighbors, and I am happy to have referred Randy and Pure Water Inc to several of my friends and in each circumstance their experience has also been exceptional. Whenever you need assistance, they answer and return your calls promptly and simply are always on the ball. Randy is a distributor of a great product however he is an even better person committed to your happiness.
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