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8/4/2015  |  Richard R. (TX)
Pure professionals, 5 stars all around. Great job all around. I dont have purchase water bottles or ice any longer or soap, or detergent, or harsh hard water removal. Great savings. I should have done this a long time ago.. Thank You.
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7/23/2015  |  James C. (TX)
Great product! The water is so nice, we both drink far more than we did before.
Great job!
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6/21/2015  |  Karen M. (TX)
We just moved into our older home. We have plans to spend some money into updating our home. First priority was the water and we are pleased that Home Depot sent us a card to get water tested. The Rain Soft rep was so professional and knowledgeable that we instantly requested one installed. The very next day the plumber came out and installed our unit very easily and knew what to do with our existing set up. We love our water. Thank you
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5/12/2015  |  Joyce S. (TX)
This was the 3rd water soft person to come into our home and Shawn by far was the most knowledgeable and friendly to work with us. He loved what he did and took the time to share what step by step he was doing.
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1/21/2015  |  Carolyn C. (TX)
Its a great product and my husband and I are very pleased.
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11/5/2014  |  Robin W. (TX)
We are very happy with our RainSoft system. I tried to check-off the 1st circle of 1st question of this survey but it would not let me choose "Very Happy". The Dealer our sales person "Jeff" was wonderful, the installation was smooth and clean. The follow up was profressional. We paid a lot of money for our system and we felt we picked the right dealer through Home Depot. We will recommend RainSoft to our new neighbors in new community in Round Rock, TX. Thank you!
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10/28/2014  |  Carmen M. (TX)
I appreciate the flexibility in scheduling. The agent was very nice and explained all with great knowledge. Throughout the process my daughter joined in and he was great explaining to her as well ensuring we all understood. The experience was one of learning as well as understanding where our water quality stood. We appreciate him and all of his effort and definitely LOVE OUR Rain Soft WATER!
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10/26/2014  |  Samuel C. (TX)
Wish we had known about Rain Soft when we built our house in 2003. Took us 11 years, but so glad we had this installed. Absolutely love it!
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10/9/2014  |  Dianne W. (TX)
We had an installation mishap, but everything was corrected and fixed to our satisfaction. The distributor in fact went above and beyond to get everything resolved.
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9/7/2014  |  Kestrel C. (TX)
Dwayne was absolutely wonderful! We are so happy with our investment. Knowing we have safe, clean water takes such a load off our mind. Thank you!
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