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11/6/2020  |  James G. (GA)
We can already tell the difference in our water. Thank you.
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1/24/2018  |  William T. (GA)
I had just about as much knowledge about the chemicals as he did. So I knew more about what he was talking about, and he made scence. I could see and feel the differance in my water the first day.
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11/20/2017  |  Randall (SC)
The sales was very pleasant. I have been recommending the system to everyone I discuss being healthy with. My doctor sounded like she was going to get a system installed for her and her family. You're welcome! Ha Overall, though, I am pleased with the water quality I feel like I have now. I'm so glad my water doesn't smell like bloody Clorox or Bleach!!! -=80)
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10/6/2017  |  Mia W. (SC)
Rainsoft has been in my family for many years. All the products we have received from the company have been top notch. I will gladly recommend this company to anyone interested in having great water quality.
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5/21/2017  |  Charles a. (GA)
The initial sales visit was very interesting. The sales consultant went out of her way to find to answers to any unanswered questions.
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