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8/19/2022  |  Dan &. (NY)
We are so happy we made this investment! It has made a huge difference. We no longer need to buy drinking water and our bathroom fixtures no longer have hard water stains. I trully wish we had purchased this sooner.
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1/18/2022  |  Debbrah F. (NY)
How do I start, I truly have no words on how amazing this system has made a different in my water. Before I contracted RainSoft Company, the majority of my fixtures, bathroom sinks kitchen sink are black. I noticed they were getting stained with white stain. Let me not even mention my dishwasher, my dishes and pots were looking horrible and stained. Not only that the smell coming from my bathroom and throughout the house like rotten spoiled eggs has all disappeared thanks to this company. Im 100% satisfied with their service and what they bring to the table is 100% real. What's the best part of this system is that after you come out of the shower it feels like you have lotion on your body. The interview is is straight to the point. Roger is in no rush. Took his time testing our water. Explains and let's you view everything that your water has in it afterwards. If you agree they bring the system quickly and accommodated me immediately. This equipment cleans all that garbage out my system. I'm 100% satisfied with this company, I recommend them to anyone. the system is not bulky or takes a lot of space. I love it because they are slim towers and fit perfectly in my utility room. To finish maintaining is very affordable, if you own a home this will be the best investment you were making it. Once again my husband and I thank you Roger.
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10/29/2021  |  Linda E. (NY)
Top notch sales person and installer. Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of service we received. We were originally going to just listen to the sales pitch and say no thanks, but Brian is a phenomenal salesman. He was well versed in the product, answered our questions, had a great sense of humor - one of the best salesmen I’ve ever encountered - and we own a sales representative company!
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5/26/2021  |  Ernie W. (NY)
Nate was fantastic. Great installer.
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2/20/2021  |  Peter K. (NY)
Anderson Water Systems is so SO impressive!
Our daughter has intense immune issues, including to PEX plastic plumbing. Anderson was careful to install with copper lines... the old school way...but the only way we could have our system installed. The even did the majority of the soldering outside to limit the fumes indoors. Their kindness and professionalism were above and beyond. You can be very proud to have them as a Rain Soft dealer.
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9/10/2020  |  TINA C. (NY)
For years our local municipality has been out of compliance with Oswego County and the EPA due to various water contaminants. We are now connected to Metropolitan Water Authority; however, the difference in water quality now is amazing. Showering is no longer dreaded or having your clothes smell like a dead fish. Now we smell like a spring rain.
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2/9/2020  |  Christopher A. (NY)
Just want to say how pleased we are with this product. We can't believe it, but the sulfur smell in our water is gone and we don't have the yellow staining on all of our appliances, bathtub, and toilets anymore. We can actually do our laundry at home again!!
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10/12/2019  |  Michael D. (NY)
Our water was so bad we didn't even brush our teeth with it. The previous owner didn't maintain the existing system for years. In addition, the equipment was installed within inches of the main electrical panel! Our sales rep noticed that code violation immediately and came up with a plan to install our Rainsoft equipment around the corner in our storage room. We are also very pleased at how well the reverse osmosis system fits under our kitchen sink! We LOVE our new water system!
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5/4/2019  |  Amanda M. (NY)
The installer was very tidy
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4/30/2019  |  Ken W. (NY)
Our installer Al M. explained all my questions, did a great job and left the installation site clean. He is to be commended for his friendly professionalism.
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