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9/13/2020  |  Harry J. (CA)
I would like to provide special recognition to the installer with Lifetime Solutions who installed my Rainsoft unit. I had a concern regarding the set-up of the discharge path from the system. The location of the equipment was a bit further away from access to my home's discharge line. He was very patience and provided a solution that totally solved my concern. Rainsoft is fortunate to have Lifetime as a dealer.
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8/6/2020  |  Alma W. (CA)
What a difference in taste, feel and odor - excellent!
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3/7/2020  |  Rick C. (CA)
Our installer, Jared, did a superb job and was extremely polite and professional.
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2/28/2020  |  Julius E. (CA)
Wonderful service from everyone who came to my house. Vincent was very knowledgable, thorough with the water testing, and did not pressure us into getting our system. He just did a wonderful job and it was an easy decision to buy a system. Tino came to my house to install the system. Very professional, explained what he was doing, the process of how the system worked, and the maintenance required. My wife and I are very happy with the services provided.
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2/15/2020  |  Dan S. (CA)
Sorry that ALL my comments are VERY satisfied. But we are.
Salesman Don Rayke was great and the installer David was VERY impressive. Best job of sweating copper I have ever seen.
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1/7/2020  |  George E. (CA)
The total experience was more than super fantastic! I knew that the local water quality was lacking, and the RainSoft representative proved my skepticism and demonstrated how to improve the quality of water in my home.

The installation was a very satisfactory experience, well done, clean and educational. The install was complete and any questions I had was answered to my satisfaction
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12/3/2019  |  Katherine Q. (CA)
Everyone I encountered through this process has been professional and a pleasure to work with.
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12/1/2019  |  Charles S. (CA)
1) Ruben said that I'd receive a new dual 20 amp push breaker since the one I had was shorted out and no longer works. Fortunately, I had a spare, but we used the spare. When will I receive the replacement item?

2) Alejandro (Alex) create a new item to flush my system out due to the corrosion of the galvanized pipes. This was fantastic as the sediment and junk would have clogged the new faucet that they installed. Brilliant work!
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9/12/2019  |  Raymond L. (CA)
I was given a demonstration of the quality of my water by Vincent Davis and was convinced that we needed this product. He had promised me a few bags of salt that would be brought by the first installer, Adam. Apparently he did not get the message so I contacted Vincent and he promised he would get it delivered as soon as possible. I had some issues with the initial installation and Fernando came out two weeks later. I asked him about the salt and he told me he didn’t have them. He also mentioned that I was missing a few items on my filtration tank...namely keys for the bypass valves and a cover for the terminal. He said that they should have been in my owners manual which they were not. I was not pleased with this, so I contacted your service department to provide those missing items. Alejandro came out today to fix a spigot to run city water versus treated water. I’m glad you were able to help me resolve these issues. Your service department employees were exemplary.
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8/19/2019  |  Shirley M. (CA)
Anthony W. was very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. He even took extra time to come back and retest my water and answered my questions. I truly appreciated all of his expertise in assisting me with purchasing my RainSoft System. I love it. I see a big difference in my hair, skin, and water. Thank you.

In addition, Gilbert, the young gentleman who installed my system, was also very professional. I appreciated the way he did the installation, and the knowledge he provided me regarding the system.

Kudos to both of these gentlemen.

I have been talking to friends and family about your system. I am hoping they will purchase one also. It is amazing how much junk is added to our water.

In addition, I am talking with Anthony about possibly applying for a position with your company.

Thank you again.
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