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6/26/2021  |  Lisa M. (MO)
Erica was amazing. We had a last minute issue come up and were unable to be home at the time of our scheduled install. Rather than having to reschedule, Erica offered to be there on our behalf so we could go ahead and complete the installation. She went above and beyond our expectations to make sure we were satisfied.
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11/30/2020  |  Charles M. (MO)
Proud i called these guys they are the best
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2/23/2019  |  Ben S. (MO)
So far, we are extremely pleased with our softener.We need to use LESS soap for washing and laundry. The water taste better for drinking.
Our coffee maker works more efficiently. Over all, we are convinced we made a good choice. Time will tell how good our equipment is over the LONG HAUL. In the meanwhile. WE THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this product and the EXCELLENT SERVICE WE RECEIVED FROM YOUR INSTALLER.
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2/26/2018  |  Gary B. (MO)
Water was crystal clear with good taste immediately. First time in the 9 years we have owned this house. Very satisfied thus far.
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11/7/2017  |  Jennifer D. (MO)
We had Rainsoft prior to this house. We loved it then. The products today are very much an improvement to what we had before. Eric, the rep who sold us the package was incredible! He made it a point to call and check on us and we appreciated that he took time to send us a card as well! We have recommended to everyone we know to get a Rainsoft system!!!
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10/27/2017  |  April B. (MO)
Appreciated that the warranty was already taken care of and that we didn't have to go online or mail anything in.
The updated RO System is much improved over our last system (27 years ago).
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4/18/2016  |  Janet G. (MO)
Service tech Josh very efficient & courteous. Always helpful & tries to save us money if he can
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