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9/16/2013  |  Amy M. (AL)
We were unaware of the actually quality of our water before meeting with the Rainsoft rep. We must say now though that not only is the water great tasting, its health and beauty benefits will impact us for the rest of our lives. Hands down the best decision we have ever made for ourselves and our children! Thanks Rainsoft!!!
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9/16/2013  |  Carolyn H. (AL)
The salesman and the install crew were very kind and professional. The system has made all the difference. We love it!
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8/23/2013  |  Bill S. (AL)
Service men were great, very informative and nice. Have not had a bad experience with this company in 15 years.
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8/22/2013  |  Donna M. (AL)
Great service and appreciate their class and care towards their customers. It's nice to have clean fresh water when you want it.
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7/15/2013  |  Tom &. (AL)
They're an exceptional business to deal with and total customer satisfaction is routine to them.
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5/3/2013  |  Rodney P. (AL)
Randy Williams of Pure Water is most professional. He and his installers were perfect from sales through installation and follow-up. They are completely responsive. My kids, guests, ask first for water because the Reverse Osmosis water taste so good. No clogged shower heads, clean clothes and dishes, works well with the tankless water heater, and finally my coffee taste outstanding. I plan to add more Reverse Osmosis faucets in my kids bathrooms as well. This system changes your health outlook for the life of you and your family. A must have.
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3/20/2013  |  Cathy P. (AL)
I really like my new system. You use less washing powders and clothes feel more soft now. When you get a shower your skin feels silky. Would recommend this product.
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3/12/2013  |  clark b. (AL)
My wife Becky just loves the softer water and the way it makes her skin feel. And the air purifier is just an added BONUS. From the sales demonstrastion, through the installation and ultimately the Rainsoft experience, it has been a pleasure. My only regret is that we didn't find out about rainsoft until now! Well worth the investment to receive the clean air and water!!
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2/18/2013  |  Jeanne L. (AL)
I got my unit in 1998 and I have never called the office about anything that they did not respond.
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2/16/2013  |  Denise J. (AL)
I have had a Rainsoft Water System in my home for approximatey 15 years. I recenty updated my original water system to a new one and I absolutely love my soft water system. My skin is always soft and my laundry even looks better and smells better. If I moved or built a new home a soft water system woud be one of the things on the top of my list of "MUST" haves. Very much satisfied.
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