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2/23/2016  |  David M. (VA)
Excellent folks! Great service, and fine attention to detail! They want us to be happy!
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2/22/2016  |  Jim C. (VA)
Timely and friendly service.
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2/16/2016  |  Donna J. (VA)
We've had Rainsoft service for about 10 years. We just had our products upgraded. Rainsoft has always provided us excellent service.
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11/9/2015  |  Barbara L. (VA)
Everyone at this location was very helpful and eager to make sure we were satisfied not only with the product, but with their service. From when we called and talked to Brittany to set up an appointment to the final installation we were well pleased. Even had a question a week later, called the office and she called me back the same day with a response and they offered to come back and check things for us...A+
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10/2/2015  |  robert s. (VA)
They were very patient with all the questions i had and explained everything. The quality of work was excellent.
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8/12/2015  |  Drema B. (VA)
Excellent products & service! Highly recommend!
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8/11/2015  |  Dominick r. (VA)
I want to acknowledge the installer, Steve. I was quite impressed with his thoroughness, ability to answer my questions clearly, his courteousness, professionalism. He took extra time to install a drain standpipe for regeneration waste water and waste water from my RO filter. He is a real credit to Aqua Clear and to Rainsoft.
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6/9/2015  |  Harold M. (VA)
To clarify my answer on the very first question, of which I answered other, we already had a rain soft system since 1995 and it had only been serviced twice since installation, not because it didn't need service, but because of a not so good dealer, we were contacted by mail by AQUA CLEAR out of Roanoke Va. who was now our closest dealer, that was the best thing that could have happened, as it turned out our system was old and worn out and not doing the job it was intended to do. We replaced the system with newer and better Rain Soft system and are very pleased as how it is performing, also I must say we are very pleased with the dealership and it's office personnel, and very pleased with Toby whom installed our new system, every aspect of this dealership is very professional, Well Done!!
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5/1/2015  |  Martha W. (VA)
I got my first rainsoft in 1988, well satisfied. Your service men are very nice,very friendly. Did a good job
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12/22/2014  |  Eric C. (VA)
Initial impression from 2 years ago by sales rep was not overly positive. Slightly less so when he came back to provide a quote after we re-initiated contact this year.

However, unit performing well so far (a couple weeks in), noticeable difference in water softness and saved us from buying a new washing machine as it performs so much better now.
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