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3/26/2014  |  Janice C. (VA)
Appears to be a quality product
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2/23/2014  |  Mattie T. (VA)
I am happy with the water filter, the Tech was very courteous and knowledgeable. The follow-up check was outstanding as well.
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2/11/2014  |  Herbert C. (VA)
Great product, great company and have recommended them to my friends over the years
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10/9/2013  |  Jessica (VA)
My RainSoft water tester was incredible. He was knowledgable, so friendly, and, though I know he's a salesman, he didn't come across like a pushy one at all. He truly is gifted. I would recommend him to anyone.

My RainSoft installer was also great. He quietly went on with his business and the installation was beautiful, no crazy tubes or wires hanging everywhere. He even put everything back under the sink. Love your company and the people you employ.
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6/13/2013  |  Odessa M. (VA)
None...was perfect
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4/8/2013  |  Ray a. (VA)
So far, very satisfied. Very satisfied with the system and company that installed it.
We decided to rip out the old system after 14 years and install the new system.
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3/13/2013  |  Jerry D. (VA)
it's a good product.
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12/15/2012  |  Diane K. (VA)
The gentleman who installed my system could not have been more informative or helpful. He returned in 2 weeks to check the system and give me further information and answer any questions I had. I would recommend him and your product to anyone. Enjoying my new water system very much. The taste is superb.
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11/26/2012  |  Phyllis T. (VA)
Ya'll bought McLean Engineering who installed our system originally. They were the best company in town to deal with. When ya'll stepped in, absolutely nothing changed!!! You've got the best employees and you're the easiest people to deal with. We are grateful to have you!!
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10/16/2012  |  Judith H. (VA)
Salesman said that we would be contacted by email to receive some free soap products in about 10 days after installation. It has been much longer than that, so I am very dissatisfied with that misrepresentation.
Dealer Response
Unfortunately, there was a mistake in processing the customer’s soap request, and the process took two weeks longer than expected. Once we were aware of the problem, we apologized to the customer and immediately provided them with their soap. As a thank you for the customer’s patience with this delay, they were given next year’s filter change for free.
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