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Robert Van Es was my sales Rep. He's a keeper.
Amazing Rep!!!
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The representative that came to my home was very professional and likeable. He was great at explaining the product. We love it.
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1/21/2012  |  Ascencion P. (CA)
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1/4/2012  |  christine t. (CA)
would highly recommend to other people, quality/service is great
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Our rainsoftr presenter was awesome. His presentation went beyond the basic information about your systems and the processes. He carries him self in a professsional manner and maintained an open and approachable presentation. He asked us questions taht gave him a sense of our lifestyle and we were confident with the answers he provided to our questions. The presentation was knowledgable and entertaining at the same time. We were comfortable with him on our home and would recommend him as a great example of your company's high standards.

Our installer showed up the next morning on time and ready to work. He was friendly and go to work right away. We were blown away at his quality of performance and work ethic. Our old home presented many challlenges, but he went above and beyond what was expected of him. When a pipe broke, he did not alarm us, just went into action and resolved the problem while treating it as a routine issue. We left our home for a while, and when we returned we found him diligently working under our home installing the system. He was professional, courteous and we were confident leaving our pipes in his hands. He made us aware of some plumbing concerns he noticed and advised us that rainsoft would be able to provide the repairs and provides financing, should we like to address those issues in the future. When we are ready to re-plumb our house, we definitely plan to call rainsoft and request him as our technician.

All of the rainsoft employees and products we have encountered have been of the highest quality. We are satisfied with our investment and appreciate the quality is brings to our lives.
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12/22/2011  |  Ron B. (CA)
Doug Newby (water tech guy) was GREAT but the demonstration took a very long time. Philip (the installer) was AWESOME! Overall great experience from beginning to end and we will recommend this product to everyone.
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I have been thoroughly pleased with everything that I have experienced with this company and its employees.

The system works like magic! I no longer have to struggle with my four year old when brushing her hair because it is always silky smooth after her bath! You have no idea how grateful I am for that!

Thank you!
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RainSoft water treatment is a great product for improving our water.
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I have used bottled water for many years but find that the Rainsoft water tastes much better - am glad that I have switched over to Rainsoft.
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