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6/4/2015  |  Jennifer S. (MI)
Ric Pelkey always provides excellent service. He goes above and beyond to ensure that we are satisfied with our water. He is very knowledgeable and explains the science behind the issueswith and solutions for our water. He has a great personality, as well. He is patient with my multitude of questions and concerns. He gives us suggestions to save money and provides great products at a great price. He is always pleasant and positive. It is a pleasure to work with him!
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5/22/2015  |  Cindy P. (MI)
Love the service from the installation 8 years ago through now, at the sale of my home. Would love to get these products in CA where I am moving, along with the people who serviced, like Rick & Diane. They were always professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Would recommend this dealer to anyone.
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4/27/2015  |  Aman Y. (MI)
The service is great and I am very happy with the Rainsoft water softener system.
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3/16/2015  |  Darlene P. (MI)
Great service and love to do business locally. Justin was amazing with his communication and help. My clean start makes my laundry room smell so clean. My husband did not believe me that we could wash clothes without detergent in cold water. So I washed a greasy, dirty towel and it came out perfect. Already it has saved us on laundry detergent and hot water. As far as our household water, I wished I would have bought this system years ago. My hair and skin are so much better and no more rust stains on fixtures. .Our ice cubes are lighter and clear too! I highly recommend!
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2/11/2015  |  Karen B. (MI)
We've had the Rain Soft water softener for about 16 years but found that it does not take the iron out of our well water and all that iron has been a problem. We've had the iron filter installed for just a couple of days and what a difference. We can actually drink the water that come out of the faucet and my husbands skin is already starting to clear up. The water feels like silk. I can now look forward to no more dingy whites from the rust in the water and now my hair won't turn red either, no more expensive Malibu treatments at the hair salon. Jared showed up on time, installed the new equipment and the system was already producing silky water before he left, very professional and courteous. We've known about this iron filter for years but just kept putting it off due to the cost, but I wish we had installed it years ago, it would have saved us a lot of money in cleaning supplies and cloths and most important our health and our pets too.
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12/12/2014  |  Vanessa K. (MI)
Our experience has been great so far.
Justin has been excellent with getting back to us if we had any questions or concerns.

We are now just waiting to hear about the credit card and when we will get the 10% reimbursement check.
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11/18/2014  |  Dave D. (MI)
We absolutely LOVE our new RainSoft Cleanstart detergent-less washing solution. We have not used a drop of laundry detergent, bleach or fabric softener since we installed it. Our cloths look and smell incredible kinda like hanging them outside for the day. The lifetime warranty was a big deal for us. Some of the other so called detergent less wash units only come with a 3yr warranty and are not made in the USA like our cleanstart. Thank you RainSoft for making our lives healthier with your water system and or pocket book fatter with the cleanstart system. We are sharing or experience with every one.
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11/5/2014  |  Elizabeth S. (MI)
Very happy with customer care and the service.
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10/3/2014  |  Jeana R. (MI)
The service was outstanding. We needed a new unit and the dealer was willing to install it that day in order to meet our time frame. The system was up an running within three hours. Thank you!!
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5/19/2014  |  Sue P. (MI)
We had a great experience. Thanks
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