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12/29/2016  |  Maureen S. (CA)
Our representative, AJ, was great to work with and followed through on everything he said he would do. Thanks!
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8/22/2016  |  Kristina V. (CA)
The RainSoft water filter system I purchased has made it possible for me to enjoy drinking more water. No more ugly deposits/stains on my dishes and sink, or horrible smelling water. Thank you for providing an excellent product. The salesman was great, knowledgeable and professional. The installer and his helper did a neat, quick and efficient job.
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5/23/2016  |  Lynda H. (CA)
Our salesperson & installer were absolutely a pleasure to have in our home. The installation went in flawlessly. Our salesperson explained everything perfectly...obviously, we bought a complete system. Thank you.
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4/7/2016  |  richard c. (CA)
we really enjoyed the sales guy and the installation was also great. we talk about rainsoft to all of our friends and I think some of them are going to ask for my sales guy to come by. thank you rainsoft
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4/2/2016  |  Ramon B. (CA)
Great water.
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3/1/2016  |  Ryan Z. (CA)
Completely satisfied with our experience.
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12/15/2015  |  John E. (CA)
The installer was real professional. I appreciated how he took extra time to make the installation look nice. He didn't have to do this.
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11/17/2015  |  Chad s. (CA)
I love the rain soft and all the products
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6/8/2015  |  Vicki M. (CA)
My installer Danny was amazing! His Attention to detail and knowledge about the product and plumbing over all was outstanding. It is because of Danny that my product was installed where I wanted it instead of declining the install because it had to go outside. Thank you Danny. Thank you Rainsoft.
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4/18/2015  |  Sheila (CA)
I am so happy with the Rain Soft water system. I had no idea how bad our water quality was before installing the rain soft system, only that I knew for years we could not drink the water due to poor quality. I did not know about how bad it was for washing clothes, taking showers or baths, cooking, or washing the dishes. What a difference the rain soft system has been in the past two weeks. I only have to use a small portion of soap, dish soap or cleaners compared to before rainsoft was installed. My skin feels good after a shower and my dishes are sparkling clean. My clothes are softer and there is no itching from them. I am telling everyone I can think of about this system. The Rain Soft Technician, AJ was just great and very professional. He showed a very convincing demonstration of how bad our city water is and how Rain Soft water is so clean and clear of any bacteria and germs. Thank You!
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