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9/17/2015  |  Tammy M. (CA)
To start we are Very Skeptical when it comes to stuff like this. But I have to say that my Husband and Myself were wowed by the water test that was performed. We have noticed a strong chlorine smell in our water and since we bought the Rain Soft System we have no smell. The water tastes better, our skin feels better, our clothes feel softer after being washed. NO JOKE!! I'm using less cleaning products all the way around the house. I'm using not only the Rain Soft System but some of the products they supply (until my products run out) and I really like the products that I have tried so far. Keep in mind I'm not one for change when it comes to certain cleaning products but there products are great. Not only have we noticed a difference in the taste, smell, and feel of the water my house plants seem to be thriving like no other. We have also noticed that since we have been giving our dogs the Rain Soft Water that their urine doesn't seem to burn our lawn near as bad and that makes us very happy. So happy that we did the Rain Soft System. Very Satisfied, Happy and NO longer Skeptical over Rain Soft Water Systems. Ray our sales rep Kudos to you!! Adam and Jacob very nice installation and clean up. All three Ray, Adam and Jacob very Professional. My Husband and I would HIGHLY recommend the Rain Soft System.
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8/24/2015  |  Eileen S. (CA)
Aside from a mix up for my first installation date, from the outset everyone I dealt with was exceptional - a pleasure to work with and made me feel valued. Doug - my sales rep did a wonderful presentation. The first team (Rick and I can't remember the senior tech's name) got my sink installed and took with stride my surprise at the size of the tank to hold the reverse osmosis water. I joked that between that and the garbage disposal there was no room for my bottles. Hassan and Jacob did the rest of the job - and even moved the osmosis faucet to a different hole in the sink. I was very impressed with all of them. Then the call from Ruth topped it off - checking to see if I was pleased. I am - it's great having NYC water coming out of my California faucets. Showering is like bathing in body lotion. I have already recommended RainSoft to my brother in Syracuse and some neighbors.
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7/5/2015  |  Deborah (CA)
My system was installed on 6/5/15. As of today's date, I definitely notice the difference in the quality of our water, the way our food and beverages taste, the condition of our skin and hair. Mr. Lombardo was absolutely delightful. I am very pleased with this purchase.
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6/25/2015  |  Louise (CA)
We love our RainSoft system and the results on my dishes and windows is awesome.
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5/13/2015  |  Rebekah P. (CA)
I am very happy with both the Sales Rep and with our installer. The water is so different! I love drinking out of my own faucet and shower's are awesome!!
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5/12/2015  |  Erl &. (CA)
I would like to commend your technician Dan! He is very knowledgeable and extremely patient! I couldn't believe the results of our bottled water and bombarded him with tons of questions. You truly have a gem of an employee with Dan. Also your installer Tito and Jordan were very professional and effiecient. I couldn't believe they installed our system the very next day, (on a Saturday) and had our system up and running in a couple of hours, thank you!
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5/7/2015  |  Lorraine D. (CA)
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4/29/2015  |  Andrea M. (CA)
We love our system!
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4/27/2015  |  Ernest P. (CA)
We've had our system for a year now. We are totally satisfied.
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4/20/2015  |  Wendy B. (CA)
We were so impressed from the water test to the install. And the water tastes fantastic. We plan to do the whole house system. Thank you Rain Soft.
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