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8/21/2013  |  Michael N. (NJ)
very pleased with the product
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7/22/2013  |  Martha R. (NJ)
The customer service rep was very informative. Very good salesman
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7/16/2013  |  Tyrone C. (PA)
The two technicians that installed the system were very professional and extremely informative. By the time they were done we knew more than enough to maintain our system. The treated water felt softer, cleaned better, and may have had a more refreshing taste. The cost of this purchase of course is offset by the many products that are sent to our home at our request and which we use each day, such as, dish detergent, dishwasher detergent, hand soap, laundry detergent and other items. After we contemplated the various types of pollutions in our society and after we recognized that our municipality does the best it possible can do to ensure that we have water for drinking and everyday use, we made a conscious decision to ensure that we provided something better for our family and all those who visit.
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6/21/2013  |  Laurel B. (NJ)
We LOVE the Rain Soft system!
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6/12/2013  |  Paula W. (DE)
Very satisfied with the product thus far.
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6/8/2013  |  Theresa B. (PA)
The system has had an immediate effect in the quality of my coffee/tea. My skin and hair is measurably softer! I love it
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6/5/2013  |  steve q. (NJ)
So far so good with our RainSoft water softner and filtration system. We are very happy with our choice to purchase the Rainsoft system.
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5/30/2013  |  Michael G. (PA)
We have been extremely pleased with the system since its installation!
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5/21/2013  |  Satisfied C. (NJ)
My family and I have only been using Rain Soft products for a few weeks now, but I can definitely tell the difference in the more water spots on my dishes, and softer hands. Yay!
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5/19/2013  |  Mike (PA)
Installer, in detecting noticeable pre-existing plumbing issue, went above & beyond in take care of at no extra cost.
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