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7/30/2012  |  Robert P. (AL)
Awesome results. It exceeds all my expectations. Skin is extremely soft after 4 weeks of usage. Wife says that her heels are extremely soft. She has always had to use special moisturizers to treat them. She also said that for the first time ever, when she puts moisturizers on her skin they actually absorb deep into her skin rather than sitting on the top of her skin and she doesn't have to use near as much. It's a great feeling going to the sink and knowing the water is actually good for me.
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7/24/2012  |  Elizabeth M. (AL)
Totally Satsified!
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The technician who installed the Rainsoft system in our home was amazingly professional, nice and did an amazing job. He went above and beyond to come back the next day and complete the small items we were dissatisfied with. His name was Shawn (I dont remember the last name).
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We are very pleased with our water system. I am amazed how shiny my dishes come out of the dishwasher. How good the drinking water is.
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