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12/27/2012  |  Lurdes (TX)
Very happy with rainsoft.
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10/23/2012  |  Carol S. (TX)
We have been stuggling with the idea of a higher end softner. The Sears model we had was not doing the job we needed. Our recently remodeled kitchen was looking old. The 2 year old glass shower was fogging. The 2 hotwater heaters were making banging sounds again, after only a few years of being replaced! I was at my wits end.
The sales rep we worked with (Herman) was very patient and most pleasant. He walked us through explaining how the system worked said we would see results. It has just been a few weeks and I can tell you that we have! The shower is already clearing up. My kitchen sink and the inside of my dishwasher looks great. My husband is even using the water to wash the cars! No more white streaks! We are loving the Rainsoft water system!
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10/17/2012  |  Steve A. (TX)
The salesman was very knowledgeable and was very complete about the product. The installation was completed quickly and professionally.
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Our salesman was great!
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5/25/2012  |  John O. (TX)
Good experience
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We were not in the market for the water softener, but were convinced by the demos.
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Salesman was awesome!
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Brad was cool and knew his stuff. We told him these 2 old ladies want to be in a Rainsoft Ad or Commercial. He laughed and said we would make a GREAT ad and he would have to tell his boss about us.

We are really enjoying our water. There was immediate results in the look of our clothes, our hair and body felt cleaner...we just love it.

Thanks and Kudos to Brad!
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