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6/3/2013  |  Pat D. (TX)
it is so wonderful to take a shower and really feel clean!!!
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6/1/2013  |  Purvi (TX)
Excellent products and service
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5/6/2013  |  Stacey K. (TX)
I was pleasantly surprised when I got home the other day and saw that Rainsoft had come out to construct the shelter around our softener so quickly. I thought for sure I would have to call and follow up on that!
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4/23/2013  |  Lane (TX)
Both the sales people who came over to sell the product as well as the installer were fabulous! It would be great to have more folks like these two! Very professional and pleasant to work with.
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4/14/2013  |  David G. (TX)
The person that did the install really helped myself learn more about the system. I had an sprinkler system installed just prior to getting the new unit and he helped me understand why I should not water with the treated water due to the salt in the water. I just spent $8,000 on the landscaping and his suggestion really saved myself money in the future and saved my plants.
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4/2/2013  |  Raul J. (TX)
Loved working with Jeff Asmussen. He was wonderful, very knowledgeable answered all our questions and even went out of his way to get me the remaining papers regarding what the system comes with. He was very nice and did the demos in a timely manner and never seemed pushy one bit. Perfect example of what a agent/salesperson should be. Keep up the good work and thank you so much we couldn't be happier!
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1/17/2013  |  Mario R. (TX)
It is great to drink clear and clean water! I also like the lifetime warranty on the system.
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1/10/2013  |  chet g. (TX)
We had such a great experience with the entire team, from Kiko our sales rep all the way through the install process. Every person that came to our home was very professional and did a great job and informed us of every step and left everything clean. We really cannot say enough good things about this process and we absolutely love our water filtration it's worth every penny!
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12/27/2012  |  Lurdes (TX)
Very happy with rainsoft.
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10/23/2012  |  Carol S. (TX)
We have been stuggling with the idea of a higher end softner. The Sears model we had was not doing the job we needed. Our recently remodeled kitchen was looking old. The 2 year old glass shower was fogging. The 2 hotwater heaters were making banging sounds again, after only a few years of being replaced! I was at my wits end.
The sales rep we worked with (Herman) was very patient and most pleasant. He walked us through explaining how the system worked said we would see results. It has just been a few weeks and I can tell you that we have! The shower is already clearing up. My kitchen sink and the inside of my dishwasher looks great. My husband is even using the water to wash the cars! No more white streaks! We are loving the Rainsoft water system!
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