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12/1/2018  |  Lorna M. (TX)
I have had Kinetico system on my other house , we had a lot of iron in the water and thought it was great. But after having Rain Soft in my home , Kinetico seams so out dated changing filters every week. My water now I can see the difference on my dishes , everything . Thank you Rain Soft love my water and so do my friends.
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6/6/2018  |  Raul M. (TX)
My old system had quit working. The technician that came to repair it informed me that my outdated system is hard to get parts (over 20 years old). He showed me the newer, more efficient system available. After I asked him a few more questions, he talked me into buying the system he installed a few dates later. My family is very happy with new system. Your technician was the person that made me decide to buy a RainSoft system again! He should be a salesman!
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2/5/2018  |  Scott B. (TX)
Truly Exceptional Customer Service by Sales Rep
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1/27/2018  |  George W. (TX)
We had a rainsoft system back in the 80's and it worked very well. We had very soft water and we really loved it. After 10 years or so it failed and we didn't have it fixed. We forgot about it until I got a call from home depot wanting to test out water. When the man showed up how our water and bottled water looked like, we were shocked. When he told us about the new things added to the overall package, we agreed and bought the system. It is wonderful to get back to soft water, and the new additions are such a plus, our clothes look and smell so clean. Rainsoft, we love it.
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10/13/2017  |  Jason C. (TX)
My entire experience from initial visit to now (enjoying great water) has been excellent. We recommend Rainsoft to everyone.
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7/14/2017  |  Jon a. (TX)
We are very happy with the Rain Soft experience. We are thankful that we have better quality water in our home thanks to RainSoft. We are recommending your company to our family and friends.
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6/4/2017  |  John M. (TX)
My rain soft is working well and we are happy campers
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5/6/2017  |  Ron G. (TX)
We were very impressed with the sales representative and the installer and even called the company and told them so.
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4/24/2017  |  Glenda D. (TX)
I have been a RainSoft Customer a long time.
I upgraded my computer. RainSoft has excellent service and quality of product.
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4/23/2017  |  Georgine S. (TX)
Brian, our consultant was very informed and professional
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