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5/7/2019  |  Robin R. (NC)
We are very pleased with our system. Don't know how we ever did with out it.
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4/13/2018  |  Charles R. (NC)
I had a RainSoft system moved from my old address to my new one. I also added a larger canister filter for the bigger house and a RO system for drinking water. Absolutely love it.
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4/12/2018  |  Carol B. (NC)
Very helpful
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3/6/2018  |  Alan B. (NC)
I met the owners latter and found them to be very friend and professional. They were approachable and respectful. They represented themselves and the product, very well. They provided additional information on additional filters. They told me to contact them and they would reinstall the system, when I move.
I found them to be trustworthy and would purchase additional services from them.
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3/5/2018  |  Matt R. (NC)
We rarely ever purchase anything from a salesman that comes to the house. But our sales rep, Richard was very much the gentleman and treated us with respect and took his time to explain the equipment. He was far from being pushy and very much a Christian.
Both installers, OJ and Cody, were also very professional not in a big rush to install the equipment then rush off to the next job. They took their time and encouraged me to watch the installation and ask questions.
My wife and I are very impressed with Rain Soft. We have found, as Richard had assured us, that our clothes are much softer and cleaner, dishes are spotless, showers a joy and the clean up easier.
We would strongly recommend Rain Soft not only for their equipment but also the quality of their representatives.
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2/14/2018  |  Kelly T. (NC)
Technician was very knowledgeable on products and their performance.
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2/8/2018  |  Marsha (NC)
Very happy with this experience. Equipment is working as expected. Thank you.
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1/30/2017  |  Jerry G. (NC)
Love that it took care of my iron problem.
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1/22/2017  |  Harvey L. (NC)
Unknown benefit is that ice comes out of the ice maker better. Doesnt get jammed.
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