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2/7/2018  |  Serah (CA)
AJ was great to work with. He was very patient with us when answering all of our questions.
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9/9/2017  |  John B. (CA)
Everything has gone well with our Rainsoft. Even a small fix went well and was addressed right away.
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5/30/2017  |  Susan B. (CA)
Have already added RainSoft and High Quality Water information to for other neighborhood communities for recommendation.
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4/18/2017  |  Gregorio G. (CA)
The presentation and explanation of the Rain Soft Product was very good.
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3/12/2017  |  Candise T. (CA)
I am very pleased with how well the product works. I believe it's of very good quality.
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2/9/2017  |  Kristen (CA)
Our tech, AJ Washer, was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. There was no "hard sell" and honestly it wouldn't have been needed anyway. The products speak for themselves, and we are really pleased with our water quality! I noticed an immediate difference on my skin, and I love the CleanStart washing machine attachment we added -- even dye free laundry soap used to make me itchy, so I love that our clothes are clean without the use of detergents. We recommend this system to friends all the time, and I would absolutely recommend that people request AJ specifically. We just felt comfortable around him immediately, which says a lot when we were basically inviting a stranger into our house, lol. The installation team was also great - they took their time to do things right, even touching up exterior paint to hide pipes. Just a great experience start to finish, thank you!
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1/27/2017  |  Theresa R. (CA)
I wish I could remember our Sales Rep. He was really awesome.
I also wanted to highly praise the team that came out and installed the units. They were so efficient and wonderful to work with.
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12/29/2016  |  Maureen S. (CA)
Our representative, AJ, was great to work with and followed through on everything he said he would do. Thanks!
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8/22/2016  |  Kristina V. (CA)
The RainSoft water filter system I purchased has made it possible for me to enjoy drinking more water. No more ugly deposits/stains on my dishes and sink, or horrible smelling water. Thank you for providing an excellent product. The salesman was great, knowledgeable and professional. The installer and his helper did a neat, quick and efficient job.
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5/23/2016  |  Lynda H. (CA)
Our salesperson & installer were absolutely a pleasure to have in our home. The installation went in flawlessly. Our salesperson explained everything perfectly...obviously, we bought a complete system. Thank you.
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