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6/29/2018  |  Kate J. (MI)
We really appreciated Ric's honesty, his prompt, clear, and reliable communication, and his honest dealings.

Harvey was a great guy - we felt he really tried to give us truthful information despite some miscommunication/ errors in the financing knowledge. We didn't feel terribly rushed to make a decision, he took time to explain the products, and he seemed knowledgeable about water and RainSoft equipment.

The men who installed our system were friendly and I realize the install took a while, however I would've appreciated wearing shoe protectors or taking wet/muddy shoes off on a rainy day.

Overall, we definitely will and have recommended Rainsoft to neighbors and friends. Thanks for great water :)
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5/31/2018  |  Ryan P. (MI)
Great experience from start to finish. Both sales and service allowed my 4 year old to ask questions and let them be apart of the water tests and operational training. Extremely satisfied. Great job guys.
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5/4/2018  |  Roush (MI)
Our water now tastes great. We are very pleased with the whole experience with Rainsoft, from the initial testing and explanation by the salesman to the installation of the equipment. We were treated with respect and all of our questions were answered.
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4/11/2018  |  Linda W. (MI)
It appeared the installation took longer than expected, due to space constraints in the area available for the RainSoft equpment. Because we needed to leave access room to well and sump pump equipment, the Rainsoft equipment had to be arranged around this, so I think required more plumbing work than expected. But everything appears to be working, and our water is better than we have ever had.
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2/1/2018  |  Bill G. (MI)
Very happy with the overall experience with RainSoft, start to finish!
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1/8/2018  |  Ross H. (MI)
We have a Reserve Osmosis filtration system from RainSoft. This water is every bit as good as Lansing's city water, or possibly better. It is amazing how much better it is compared to our well water. Incredible!
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1/3/2018  |  Willard F. (MI)
The gentleman who installed our equipment went beyond our expectations in every way! Great employee! He's a keeper!
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12/20/2017  |  Jesse C. (MI)
Our salesperson John and our installer were very informative and helpful throughout the whole process. We are very happy with our water!
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12/17/2017  |  Patricia B. (MI)
Great work and excellent quality with professional people
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6/8/2017  |  Jeff W. (MI)
Our experience with Jerrad T was very nice he was very polite and was very knowledgeable on the system he was putting in and working on !
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